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A Forest Filled with Art

A 5-acre forest near Waldoboro, Maine is filled with unique sculptures. Farmer Nate Nicholls, was told he had “collected too much junk” so he taught himself how to weld and turned his worn-out tools into imaginative works of art. " I have been transforming my property into an extensive sculpture garden, " he said, "without the primary goal of making money." Instead, his goal was "to draw attention to the societal tendency toward consumer waste, and open the mind of the viewer to potential re-purposing." He welcomed all visitors to come meditate, explore, and enjoy the view. Although he has passed away, his family is keeping the forest open for all to visit. It is a wondrous place for people of all ages to discover thousands of figures, some only 3 inches tall. His son Josh said “everybody else looks up in the clouds and says, ‘Oh, that cloud looks like a dragon,’ My dad looked down at the ground and said, ‘That wrench looks like a monkey.’” Click here for more.

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